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We have opened up entries for the purchase of the Icoma Tatamel bike.

Scheduled to ship around spring 2024

We are working on the development and manufacturing of the Tatamel Bike so that we can deliver it as soon as possible to all interested customers.

We have prepared a "Purchase Entry" form for customers who are interested in Tatamel bikes and are considering purchasing one.

We will contact you at the address you have registered with us as soon as the shipment is ready.

Please feel free to register!



全長 : 1,230mm

全幅 :  650mm​​








規格:原付一種 (普通免許で運転可能)

最高速度:≦ 40km/h
航続距離:≦ 30km (満充電時)
フロントホイール 10インチ
リアホイール 6.5インチ​




バッテリー:リン酸鉄リチウム電池 (51.2V)


バッテリー定格容量:12Ah (約0.6kWh)

耐荷重 : 100kgまで




  • Q : Is the vehicle safe enough?
    The body design is made to maintain satisfactory durability while also meeting the legal standards for driving on public roads. Currently, we are in the process of consulting with various experts in order to formulate ICOMA's own safety quality requirements. We are also conducting further trials using specialized testing equipment. Due to the risks revolving around the use of motorcycles, our top priority is to ensure that it can be driven safely.  We are constantly making improvements and aiming to create products of reliable quality. A driver's license is required to operate this product. Please drive in accordance with traffic laws.
  • Q: It’s pretty heavy…
    The frame is made of two pieces of sheet metal bolted to one another to facilitate various design changes. The sheet metal is made thicker for safety reasons. Additionally, it is equipped with the suspension used for scooters and mini-bikes. There is also a motor, battery, and other elements added to the frame, which adds up to a total weight of about 60 kg. Since the ICOMA TATAMEL BIKE can be rolled around like a suitcase, its weight is not a concern when you are rolling it on relatively flat surfaces. However, we recommend having at least two people when loading and unloading the bike into and out of a car. We are planning to change the frame manufacturing method or reduce weight by using resin for certain parts when the design matures in the future.
  • Q : Is it safe to drive in the rain?
    Currently, we do not recommend driving it in the rain. We are planning to carry out more detailed electrical equipment-related waterproofing tests and modifications before custom-made delivery begins. Therefore we expect that the waterproof capability will improve by then. We will be contacting prospective buyers with information on this item as we progress. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Q : Is it possible to use this as a power supply source for camping, etc.?
    The bike will be equipped with a waterproof USB power supply port. Regarding the AC power supply, we are at the research and development stage for implementation. For the moment, this option will only be available to company buyers. At ICOMA, we are committed to designing and engineering products that make the use of electricity safe and enjoyable.
  • Q: Do you sell class 2 mopeds?
    We are considering future development after first achieving commercialization of the product as a Class 1 moped. We are currently undecided, but we have received many requests for it, so we would appreciate your continued support so that we can eventually sell the product in a class 2 version as well.
  • Q: Is it possible to do a test run?
    We plan to offer test-ride opportunities to everyone who has entered. We will contact you by e-mail as soon as we receive your registration. We will also post information about events and other exhibits in the NEWS section of our website.
  • Q: Can you use the side panel as a desk?
    After a large volume of requests, we have included a hinge that allows it to be unfolded into a desk. You can also choose options that will make your desk more stable (additional charges apply). At ICOMA, we develop products based on feedback from everyone on SNS, exhibitions, etc. So feel free to give us your feedback!
  • Q: What kind of customizations can you do?
    Customization options are as follows (1) Standard : Select your favorite color/design from the specified parts. (2) Full custom-made: Wrapping, custom parts, etc., will be completed through communication with ICOMA's designers to create a bike that is uniquely yours (additional charges apply). (3) Collaboration model : We will create a limited number of models that collaborate ICOMA's bikes with the unique technology of your business (additional charges apply). For company buyers only. Please contact us if you are interested in this service.
  • Q: I want to purchase for collaboration or research and development purposes
    ICOMA is currently looking for collaborations with co-creation partners. We also have commercial models available, so please contact us.
  • Q : Do you offer post-sale support?
    If you find any defects or malfunctions, please contact us immediately. Our staff will take care of the problem. If you are far away, please understand that we may ask you to ship the product by courier service according to procedure (we will cover the shipping cost). However, we are not responsible for any intentional damage or self-inflicted damage that is not caused by the bike body design. For details, please refer to the separate purchase documents sent to you at the time of purchase.
  • Q: Can I purchase it even if I live overseas or on a remote island?
    This product is not currently available to overseas and remote islands residents. We apologize for the inconvenience. At this time, we are only accepting applications from users who we can have immediate contact with so that we can quickly check the status of the vehicle. We are developing this product so that it can be purchased by people in overseas and remote islands. We appreciate your patience.

Built by everyone.

For everyone.


Replaceable side panels allow for a variety of customizations. You can change the bike's appearance according to your mood or outfit.

You can also customize it yourself without worrying about affecting the frame. 

Everyone has their own way of using it. Enjoy your own unique Tatamel bike!

We accept custom-made requests.


Customized Gallery

Interchangeable side panels allow for a variety of customization options.
You can dress up your bike according to your mood or outfit of the day, or customize it yourself without considering how it will affect the main unit.
Enjoy your own Tatamel bike!

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