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Join us and create something fun!


ICOMA collaborates with various businesses

in aspects such as product design

advertising and novelties using Tatamel bikes.

Please feel free to contact us.

Why don't you join ICOMA in creating something fun and exciting?

We will work with you to design the future of your company.

By utilizing the know-how we have cultivated through our own product, the Tatamel Bike,

we will work closely with you from conception to realization, until we can create products that will bring your company widespread recognition.


Support Package (Overview)

・Design discussion (uncovering questions, digging deeper into technology)

・Product planning, specification review

・Market research, competitive comparison

・Market research, competitive comparison, analysis

・Internal presentation and facilitation

・Design sketching

・3D modeling, rendering

・Prototype development ・User testing, feedback

・Promotion (events, SNS, video production)

Tsubakimoto Chain Co.
“Multipurpose e-Cargo" Electrically Assisted 3-wheel Bicycle

(Head office: Kita-ku, Osaka; President: Takatoshi Kimura) Tsubakimoto Chain a company that develops a wide range of businesses from parts to systems, including timing chain systems for automobile engines. We assisted in the planning and design for the "Multipurpose e-Cargo,” an electrical power assisted three-wheel bicycle based on the concept of a "multipurpose electric bicycle” that anyone can easily ride.

This collaboration is what we call a "collaboration business" initiative in which we deploy and utilize our know-how and network which we have cultivated through the planning and development of our own product, the ICOMA Tatamel Bike, (a folding electric bike) to create new corporate projects. We are in charge of product design, CMF design and design discussion.

Origin Co.

Conceptual charging container "Hakobel Container”

and exhibition booth design

With the catchphrase "Niche Top," we collaborated on the concept design and booth design with Origin Corporation. The aim was to relay a message that Origin Co. provides safety and comfort to society and customers by offering a variety of products such as automotive paints, mechanical parts, and electrical storage devices.

We are looking forward to creating something new and fun with you!

Please feel free to contact us.


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